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hide and seek

Abstract Hide and Seek is a method using bulletproofs bunz2018bulletproofs to prove your presence in a given time and area while keeping confidentiality of the actual location data (and timestamp). Read more...


talking drums nigechizu how to make (almost) anything -lmn architecture Read more...

Yasushi Sakai (酒井 康史)

dl highres_headshot distorted_avatar Yasushi Sakai is a researcher, artist, and an architect that lives in the computer terminal. Read more...


2020 March crazy month Backlinks 2020-03-21

Liquid Democracy

The third ‘Democracy’ Current known democratic processes Direct Democracy poeple vote for policies directly. Read more...


2020-03 07:36 org mode の設定が未だうまくいかない

2020/03/22 2020-03-22

10:14 TODO write white paper for hide-and-seek DONE test Math equations in org-mode DONE check pdf output 14:23 TODO check new day input 17:29 DONE bibtex integration


07:31 DONE fix email DONE fix image insertion 19:30 bumped hugo version and it didn’t allow raw html

2020/03/24 2020-03-24

06:55 taiwans’ electronic fence good article that tells examples of other countries attempts. Read more...


15:22 DONE separate repo’s 08:57 kent meeting
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