General Exam: Feedback

On the format

three out of four examples of general exam proposal.

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This is way too much….

Andres (PDF Comments)

<2020-06-08 Mon>

what are the involved requirements??

point that it all comes from the explosion of information backed by the innovation on communication media.

1956 G. Church

make ‘presuppositional’ clear, do we need it?

rephase that cities are inheritly collaborative.

Luis (PDF Comments)

<2020-06-13 Sat>

On structure…

-> yes I know it’s wierd as kind of writing. This will hopefully sorted out….


Unclear: p2. “In the same time, it is used to snapshot …”

versions are snapshots…. more simpler?? -> there is a reason that this version was made..

this bring a interesting question… are commits versions?

  • TODO ref on semantic versioning

Unclear: p2. “Both words “collaboration … "

what is the field??


Unclear: why do we use brazil?

Brazil was the first country that held a paticipatory budgeting scheme to fight corruption in the 1980’s. Not only pioneered,, but…

  • TODO ref on brazil’s paticipatory budgeting

who said “by far” ?? what is the metric?

(cont.) I should keep it simple that just doing paticiptory budgeting is already a lot more effort than just electing a mayor. Plus, brazil has made attemps to make this process smoother. (refs are there)

  • TODO ref on recent advancement on brazil’s support systems for PB.


Why is it important that the tool captures the regional identity

These simulations often are deployed to multiple places as services, we lack in studies how much do we loose to describe that region why reusing same algorithms. Moreover, we don’t know how much the right level of abstraction when dealing with cities. Is ‘ABM’ generic enough? How about “K-means” or custom made algorithms to fit narrow needs?

  • TODO ref “Smart Enought Cities” on reductionism

The workshop needs a ref

  • TODO ref on Kaishi ANY series?

    Kaishi, 1992 exphibtion… should be able to find it in log or one of the any conversations by Arata Isozaki.


<2020-06-11 Thu>

  • Better to have MAS faculty, Andy

  • Systems theorist, sloan??

  • why not mention about the Lamport paper on paxos if you are so excited about it?

  • it’s good to be broad, confirmation bias perifieal.

    <cite Ryan’s Chin, mass cutomization by fashion> He didnt’ start by sampling and orchestra, where is the algorithms.

  • Examples are too abrupt. Exploring versioning? evolution of construct. -> changes. methodologies, connect analogue space and transformation of digital.

  • What are the limitation of VCS? succcessful collaboration. low tech, disfunctional.

  • collaboration def. too narrow? -> why not narrow it down to planning, collaboration, design.

  • collaborative -> collaborative design?

  • output is a product. (architecture, code, urbanplanning) are we agreeing on the rules? or the outcome?

    • proposal and competition
    • solution vs suspention
    • digitalization, versioning, -> scaleablitly dangeours.

    • distributed

  • what do you mean by subscription? not economy, magazine, car cut by time. time version. etymologity, subsribe, under writing. eco archiology, micro Reading list,

    google doc.

  • just exploring methodlogies. Dangerous, that you recognizes analouge that is powerful. What are we loosing when we digitize information.