fighting with latex



platex -kanji=utf8 file.tex
dvipdfmx file # makes a pdf

英文だけだったら document をただの article にすると良い。

Reference by sections

using \refsections\ to write references for each section from a single bib file.



blah balh, \cite{sakai2020example}


Code Snippet 1: schematic

then you need to

pdflatex test
biber test
pdflatex test
pdflatex test
Code Snippet 2: compile it to pdf


this can usually be abbreviated to

latexmk -pdf -c test.tex

to clean the temporary files

latexmk -C test.tex

but if you are using japanese we want to make latexmk use platex

#!/usr/bin/env perl
$pdf_mode         = 3;
$latex            = 'platex -halt-on-error';
$latex_silent     = 'platex -halt-on-error -interaction=batchmode';
$bibtex           = 'pbibtex';
$dvipdf           = 'dvipdfmx %O -o %D %S';
$makeindex        = 'mendex %O -o %D %S';
Code Snippet 3: .latexmkrc

we want this file in the same directory as the tex file.

latexmk -pdfdvi -c test.tex

will output a pdf via dvipdf (not pdflatex)

Biber Error

If you see an error while doing biber the line number will be close to the original bib file, so check that position.

Good Examples

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