Notes on "The curatorial turn: from practice to discourse"


Mediating Component

Means that before 1960, it wasn’t so apprent that curators were making “visible"about mediating component of formation, production and dessimination of an exhibition.

Shift to Curatorial criticism from critiques on the Object

The focus of critique hash shifted:

Artist and the Artifactsubject of curating and the role of the curator


Curators took over the role of criticism, where curating it self became the medium of discussion, critique, and debate.

Critiques became curators.

Distinction of artistic and curatorial gesture becomes blurry

now curators become artists

International Group Exhibitions

<-> Monograph

More and more we have international group exhibitions. ‘Curate’ becomes a verb then the noun ‘Curator’.

Then it became a mechanism to voice out cultural values.

Single Authoring became less attractive, having more discussions

Through lectures, conferences, and discursive events. Documenta

Local touristic assets foster the ‘international’ exhibition.

Practice and discource

Practice was important than Discourse, but now reputation is key, where it relies on discourse.

Now exhibitions talk to each other….

Exihibition of and Exhibition

1972, Daniel Buren

Great job description of curators

Curation is forgetting how it has been Curating…

What is ommited from the past reveals as much about a culture as what is recorded as history and circulates as collective memory.

Curating becoming a discourse, where the subject of that discourse is the very curator him/herself.