Resilient Communities Charrete

The societal reset?

what if we dont ‘set’?

senario1: no vaccines, nor immunity, eternal lockdown

senario2: we knew, what we will know, 6 six months ago

How to gracefully loose the battle

five categories

Some we can directly tie to the three focus areas in the group, but aren’t.


‘ultra lightweight personalized mobility’

‘local economies’

‘algorithmic land-use policies’

  • zoning
  • local geofenced planning policies (speed regulation)

‘data oriented planning’



Young’s modulus

\[ E = \frac{\sigma}{\epsilon} \]

where ε is strain, and σ is stress.

➡️ Resilience is \(\epsilon\times\sigma\times\frac{1}{2}\), we want to increase ε or σ .

Mechanical connections -> Material science

➡️ base isolation

Biological connections

Strength of Biological Materials yamada1970strength

20min breakdown

1min introduction

6min on ‘Resilience’

  • boarder definition of resiliency and ways to connect to other fields

10 min on Examples of the five themes

  • Gabi’s work and examples that she found as ‘resilient communities’

2min on remixing ideas